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HI-MACS® an outstanding solid surface material. A delicate composition of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments that combine to create a smooth, non porous, thermo formable and visually seamless surface .The material meets the highest standards for quality in all aspects: material performance, fabrication, functionality and hygiene. Thanks a large part to this quality and the outstanding flexibility in fabrication and design, HI-MACS® offers

Quality is in our DNA.
HI-MACS® benefits from the high-tech infrastructure and development-experience of LG Group who regularly bring stunning innovations to life. LG guarantees superior quality for all raw materials; the acrylic contained is produced by our own factories, certifying excellence from the source.

Quality is worldwide support.
Full access to LG after-sales support and fabrication network worldwide.

Quality is an excellent network of highly skilled craftsmen.

Our highly skilled fabrication partners enjoy regular training to provide you with the best possible product. They have access to the best in class training material and support. The most skilled fabricators of HI-MACS® are easy to identify as they are certified members of the HI-MACS® Quality Club. Contact us for your nearest member.

Quality is the longest warranty in the market.
We support our Quality Club Members with a 15 year warranty. The longest warranty in the solid surface market. countless advantages over conventional materials.

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